Tariff Scheme

Distribution Scheme

Procedure and Basis for Distribution of Royalties specified in the Tariff Scheme is :

  • The Royalty Distribution shall be Fair, Accurate, Cost-effective and without any unknown or hidden cross-subsidies
  • The Royalty collected under various different Tariffs shall 1st be accumulated in separate Royalty pools
  • Thereafter, based on Log Sheets received by the Society in each Pool, the Royalties shall be distributed accordingly
  • In case of No Log Sheets, the Distribution shall be made based on reliable statistical data that fairly represents the commercial exploitation of the licensed rights
  • The Distribution shall be made with 30 days of the end of every Calender Quarter
  • There will be no Minimum Guarantee paid to any Member against his share of Royalty
  • The Royalty to be Distributed shall be 1st approved by the Governing Council of the Society
  • This Distribution Scheme shall at all times be governed by Rule 58 of the Copyright Rules1958 as amended in 2012 and as amended from time to time thereafter